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Yamaha Music Education Centre

About the store

Yamaha Music Education Centre (YMEC) appeals to your child’s enjoyment of music and sound through our unique approach – teaching music through music.

Yamaha lessons explore a range of fundamental musical skills including pitch, melody, harmony, rhythm, tone colour and musical form to develop a child’s musical ear.

Listening, singing, playing, reading and writing activities are undertaken in a logical sequence, which progressively deepens children’s understanding of musical concepts and the language of music.

Our aim is to create a complete musician – musicians who are sensitive to the intellectual and emotional content of the music they play, musicians who enjoy making music with others, musicians who can express themselves skilfully, creatively and artistically.

A quality music experience starts at Yamaha.

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Music Education Centre

Store Trading Hours

Lesson times vary, please call 1300 139 506 to enrol.